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About Us

Spruce Run Farm's main operations are located on the property that was purchased by Josh's grandparents in the 1950s from another relative. Josh's dad purchased the property from them in the 1980s, and after his passing in 2007, Josh and his brothers inherited the land. 

Josh and Kenny began their hobby farming operations in 2006, because of Kenny's passion for agriculture, and Josh's desire for a simpler country life. Everything got started with a small vegetable garden, four Rhode Island Red chickens, and a few rabbits. From there our farm grew to include Valerie and Veronica, our first two goats. Since then, at different times we've had cows, pigs, turkeys, and even a horse. 

A big move forward for our hobby farm was in 2010 when Spruce Run Farm became a vendor at the Middletown (MD) Farmers' Market. Selling eggs, jams, jellies, honey, and live plants was the start of what had only been for pleasure into being a profitable venture. Also, participating in the market allowed us to network with other members of the farming community. It was through the market that we first met Kate and Suzanne, proprietors of Faerie Springs Farm. 

Spruce Run Farm's relationship with Faerie Springs Farm took off in the fall/winter of 2012 when Josh and Kenny were invited to visit to see their baby goats. Over the course of a few more visits, Faerie Springs Farm became the unofficial mentor farm to Spruce Run Farm. 

As Spruce Run Farm continues to grow, we welcome you, our supporters, to visit.