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Yes, Our Farm Raises Animals for Meat

Submitted by joshua.lewis on Fri, 03/11/2016 - 14:21

Those of you that regularly follow our facebook page may have seen our post about two lambs we recently acquired.  
If so, you probably also saw that our brief mentioning the lambs would be raised for meet upset someone.  

We truly understand that person's feelings, and respect his/her concerns.

So why did we mention it?  

5 Things Every New Beekeeper Needs To Know

kenneth.trumpower's picture
Submitted by kenneth.trumpower on Thu, 01/07/2016 - 13:27

Now is the time of year that new beekeepers are taking courses from their local clubs.  I remember when I took the course several years ago, there were many people there who had no experience keeping bees.  I was lucky, I had already worked with bees and my experience with my great uncle's apiary in Carroll County is what made me want to have my own hives.  

I took a few minutes to think about what were some of the important things people told me when I was just getting started, or that I've learned over the years, that I think it would be good for all new beekeepers to hear.  They might not be the most important, but definitely good to know.